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Foldable Magnetic Box

Through the ages,the foldable book shape box with the advantage of transportation easily, save storage space,convenient for using has been widely application in the packaging production.To finish a box,the workers need joint 10 small pieces board on box body.However,due to the foldable box need to be cut into 10 small pieces board and then to joining together, causing the production process more complex, the labor cost is up year by year as well,moreover,the defective percentage is higher than normal box type.Aiming at these weakness,Shallow Moon team has made so many test to slove these problems.Finaly,They did it.If use a moderate thickness of a piece of board to replace the original many small pieces boards to produce the foldable, it can improve the foldable book box itself exists weakness effectively.Cheerful time for the more perfect foldable box!

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