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New designed cosmetic box

A latest patent we have gained is about a new designed box with a special shape. A good packing can not only make the product more luxury, but also protect it well.

The elegant yellow matched the plain white with a looming texture paper inside of the box, streamlined shape of the lip, book shape box design, every detail perfectly shows the connotation of the product itself. Without doubt, such kind of packing can obviously improve the level of products.

The little secret of this mask box is that the inner box is made of printing paper and grey paper board, but the lip is not. According to the traditional way to make the box, the streamlined edge of the lip should be made of grey paper board and the edge will look grey. However, we want to make this part look white, so we make 5 white paper cards to become a paper board, and then do the die cutting. Obviously, it becomes more perfect. 

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